Inspired by the black and white etchings of "i carceri" by Giovanni Battista Piranesi where complex structures seem to be floating and many of the construction elements lead nowhere. This idea of "structural follies" is a constant in my work.

I wanted to work in the manner of the old etching masters but from a contemporary view. There is a will to create territory by using abundant hand inking hatching to link the more solid pieces. The feel of a 17th century maze and a controlled labyrinth is created by layering colour and structure detailing.

No matter how solid these constructs are, a simple pull of an element in the stitching or on the light scaffolding that holds it together would make the whole piece collapse.

I love the interaction of really heavy almost tectonic pieces here and the filament like light stitching elements.

Mixed media, inkjet, black ink, silver pigment and acrylic on velvet epsom heavy paper (329x483mm, 13x19 in).

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